Rhema Singapore is not a “typical” Bible school.  We place a unique emphasis on blending the supernatural with the practical, as well as upon classroom instruction with direct application.  We emphasize the Word and the Spirit operating together in the believer’s life, and equipping each student to know how to walk according to the Word and cooperate with the Holy Spirit.
Rhema Singapore was birthed in 2001 with a mandate to impact all of Asia with the message of faith.  We exist to train people to influence their culture in whatever area the Lord places them.  Not everyone who comes to Rhema has a calling to pulpit ministry-but we fervently believe that every believer has a ministry calling to work in the kingdom somewhere!
Our modules are designed to give you a practical understanding of the Word of God which in turn will give you sustained success wherever the Lord may lead you.  In them, you will learn about the Person of the Holy Spirit, and how to work together with Him in everyday life.  You will also experience life transformation as you sit under the anointed teaching of the Word, participate in times of prayer and worship, and receive impartations from the Lord in the Rhema classroom.
Throughout your course of study at Rhema, you will be exposed to international ministers who have many years of experience in ministry, and who will impart to you a wealth of knowledge and wisdom from their experience.  Upon completion of your diploma at Rhema, you will become a part of an international movement that is impacting nations with the message of faith.
Rhema Singapore will ground you in the practical skills and spiritual disciplines that will equip you for success.  Wherever your purpose takes you, Rhema Singapore will prepare you to have maximum impact on the world around you!